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4 Best Ways to Enjoy New Year's Eve in Indonesia

Hasil gambar untuk tahun baru di jakartaAt the end of 2015 these have you made the agenda of what will be done to enjoy the New Year's Eve? If not I will help tone to solve your problems. For most people enjoy a New Year's Eve just to enjoy music events, eating together, playing fireworks and spend time chatting.

I'm bored already enjoyed a New Year's Eve as usual. wanted  New Year's Eve is different from previous nights. Here are some fun and exciting ways to enjoy your New Year's Eve:

1.      Jakarta Night festival
Jakarta offers a wide variety of entertainment that you can try to spoil your eyes. By enjoying the appearance of such capital srtis roundabout Ancol, Peak, and others.

2.      On vacation out of town
You can enjoy New Year's Eve in the thousand islands serving a variety of cultural and romantic places. Together with your friends and all enjoyed the first dawn in the thousand islands will definitely impress.

3.      Climb Mt.
With the enchanting beauty of Mount Bromo serving top sights such as the State in the Cloud will make you amazed and felt the first dawn in 2016 from the top of Mount Bromo.

4.      Celebrating at home
Spending time with family, friends, friends and couples do not always come out of the house. If you get tired of enjoying the New Year's Eve outside the house try this way to enjoy New Year's Eve fun at home. Invite a friend to play home to celebrate together. Grilled fish, corn or whatever you like. Do not forget to buy fireworks as a complement. Buy or download the latest movie to watch together.

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