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The Beautiful Batik Indonesia

Hasil gambar untuk batikIndonesian batik has been designated by UNESCO as one of Indonesia's cultural heritage and the heritage of Humanity for Oral and non-material culture. Batik is a fabric manufacturing specifically illustrated by using a night or deafen on the cloth as well as the process in a way that has a unique characteristic.

Ancient art form that colored cloth with a staining technique using this night was already long been known in Egypt since the 4th century BC. Both produced in Indonesia at the time of Majapahit is batik. Flores region, Toraja, Papua and Halmahera in the believe that these areas which have a tradition of making batik.

Gringsing patterns can only be established using canting, so canting found in Java. Intricate patterns that can only be used using a canting the GCC has been used in Java since the 13th century.

Batik reached its golden period in 1900 when exhibited at the Exposition Universelle in Paris brought by merchants Belada Van Rijekevorsel. Since globalization and the batik Industriliasasi began to develop into a variety of new types emerged as Batik Cap and Batik Print. Some batik may indicate the status of a person. But some traditional batik motif is only used by a large family palace or certain circles.

Batik types according to manufacturing techniques:
1.      Batik is a cloth that has been decorated with a pattern and texture by hand. This manufacturing usually takes 2 to 3 months.
2.      Batik painting batik making that is directly painted on a white cloth.
3.      Batik cap is decorated with fabric pattern and texture form of cap usually takes 2 to 3 days.

Batik types by region of original :
-          Batik banyumas                                      -       Batik brebes
-          Batik bali                                                -       Batik tulungagung
-          Batik madura                                          -       batik minahasa
-          Batik pekalongana                                  -       Batik jepara
-          Batik malang                                          -       Batik minangkabau
-          Batik solo                                               -       Batik jombang
-          Batik tegal                                              -       Batik banten
-          Batik yogyakarta                                    -       Batik Bante
-          Batik aceh                                               -       Batik Tasik

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