Sabtu, 19 Desember 2015

5 Ways to Tell the Best Couple Error

Hasil gambar untuk pasanganEach couple would want a romantic relationship and harmony. Each partner will definitely encounter problems to be faced. Never gives them the punishment without your partner knowing that he is being punished for his mistake.

Communication is the foundation of a harmonious relationship. Everyone must have its own way to reveal the contents of his heart. But sometimes they do the wrong delivery resulting in mis communication led to increasingly complex and difficult problems to be solved. Here's the best way to tell the partner's fault correctly:

1.      Treat him like what you want to be treated.
Speak the language is smooth, nice and polite. Do not use code-code because not everyone understood over the code that you provide. Do not overly restrain and regulate your partner because it can make him uncomfortable.

2.      Find a suitable time to talk
Take time to discuss the issues together so that the problem is easily solved.

3.      Do not hesitate to reject
Do not hesitate to issue an opinion or refuse to do things that you dislike.

4.      Leave a message
Leave a message which may be hard for you to talk directly.

5.      Provide good behavior
Try to always say what is wrong is done by a couple with reasonable measures such as pinching his cheek and says his mistake.

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